About the Trio

TCB is a collaborative effort that includes many musicians but is centered around founding members Pierre Battah on double bass, Gilles Belliveau on flute and Robert Gaudet on guitar.

Pierre Battah accompanies choirs, jazz and folk ensembles on double bass and continues to study with some of Canada’s leading doublebass instructors via Skype. He most recently attended the annual week long Jazzworks Canada workshop in Quebec where he studied with several of Canada’s leading jazz faculty.

Gilles Belliveau is a long time flutist who played a leadership role in the creation of Greater Moncton’s 35 piece, multi styled Codiac Concert Band where he is a founding member of the flute section. He is also called upon as an accompanist and soloist in a variety of settings.

Robert Gaudet has a music degree in guitar from l’Université de Moncton, recently went on a yearlong sabbatical to study with the internationally renowned faculty in St Fx University’s Jazz program. He is a former member of the internally travelled Opus 006 Jazz Choir as well as a solo performer and accompanist in folk, classical and rock settings.

Given their busy roles as a management consultant, financial planner and teacher respectively, TCB is fortunate to have a host of other musicians who compliment or replace the original trio members as needed and form the collective that is TCB. Each member of this long list of collaborators is a valued member of TCB’s extended family and they all contribute to bolstering TCB’s reputation as the region’s leading function band.

Multi-instrumentalist, solo performer and drummer Clinton Fernandes often enables the trio to become Trio Carte Blanche + 1 and is essentially the trio’s unofficial fourth member. He is joined by a number of other accomplished artists who regularly provide backup and also allow TCB to meet its clients’ needs and during peak demand, enabling TCB to perform in multiple locations simultaneously or present totally different lineups to the same audience in successive performances.

Saxophonists Brian Coughlan and Philipe Lucy, guitarists Eric Pitre and Paul Dubé, pianists André LeBlanc and Jesse Mea (who also joins the TCB as an accordionist), double bassist David LeBlanc of the Metro Moncton School of Music, bassist and composer Richard Gibson and most recently vibraphonist and percussionist Glen Deveau have all joined TCB on various occasions. Drummer Jerry Martin and widely renowned sopranos Lisa Roy and Monette Gould have also shared the stage with TCB as have violinist Marie Andrée Gaudet and percussionist Charline Gautreau.

This impressive list of talented musicians surround Pierre, Gilles and Robert who are eternally grateful their musical project enables them to make music for thousands of people in such great company.